Friday, June 25, 2010

Change...where does it start?

"When we see the need for deep change, we usually see it as something that needs to take place in someone else. In our roles of authority, such as parent, teacher, or boss, we are particularly quick to direct others to change. Such directives often fail, and we respond to the resistance by increasing our efforts. The power struggle that follows seldom results in change or brings about excellence. One of the most important insights about the need to bring about deep change in others has to do with where deep change actually starts."
— Robert E. Quinn

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It’s never too late… or too soon to step up to leadership

Leadership is knowing who you are, and staying on course.

It is knowing that when you found you were off course, you were able to correct your direction and get back on track.

After reaching your goal, it is pausing long enough to celebrate your success before going on to the next challenge. It is passing it on to those who carry on after you.

There is no satisfaction in your professional life that can compare to this sense of fulfillment. No individual achievement can equal the pleasure of leading a group of people to achieve a worthy goal. When you cross the finish line together, all the pain and suffering you have experienced, vanishes. It is replaced by a deep inner satisfaction-- that you made a difference.

Countless numbers of people will benefit from your efforts. They will pass on your legacy to those who come along behind, because at the end of the day, the only thing you take with you is what you leave behind.

You cannot find achievement by observing leaders from the sidelines, or by being a brilliant observer from the press box high above. You have no choice but to get in there and get your faced marred by dust, sweat and blood.

That, is what life and leadership is all about.

Are you prepared to enter that arena?To dare greatly, to know the great enthusiasms and the great devotions?

If you are, in the end, you will also know the triumph of high achievement.

It’s never too late… or too soon to step up to leadership.

--Bill George, True North

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What sacrifice stands between you and your dream?

You are entitled to the dreams for which you are willing to sacrifice.
What sacrifice stands between you and your dream?

We dream our dreams. Some we make reality. Other dreams fade and are
forgotten. Some dreams give energy, and some take it away. Some take us to
places we never imagined, for better or worse. If we focus too much on our
dreams, we don't notice the beauty and mystery that surrounds us right
now. But a beautiful dream accomplished is a deeply satisfying thing.

Your power comes from pouring your heart and soul into a worthwhile
endeavor. Your power comes from your downtime, your reflective time. The
ultimate is to gain your power from love, and to keep full of love during
the setbacks. There will be setbacks, no matter what path you walk.

To get a lot out of life, you need to be courageous. To be a courageous
person, you need to believe in yourself. --anynomous